10 Things Great Event Management Companies Do As Standard

If you are putting on an event you want to work with the best event management company around to ensure your project is a success. Here are 10 ways to identify an exceptional event management team, over a good or average event planner.

Events can sap time, money and resources, particularly if you don’t have the right experts on board. On the other hand, if you find the perfect event planning organisation these are 10 things will come naturally to them and offer clear benefits for your event.

Here are 10 tests to see if you are working with the best event management company, or need to find another one.

1. They Care About the Event As Much As You Do

You care about your event, after all, you need to hit the mark to impress your boss or your board. Take our word for it though, if you are working with a good event management company they care even more than you do that the event is a success and that every single person involved is happy.

conference room set up ready for an event

2. They Find Solutions To Any Problem

Good event managers will always try to find an alternative solution to any problem or issue. Instead of saying “no” they will work hard to put forward one or several other options. We love a challenge! And this is why our clients often see us as magicians, turning things around and making things happen.

3. They Keep You Sane and Stress Free

Running an event to a high standard takes time (a ridiculous amount of time!) and experience. A great event management company will shield and protect you from the full workload and pressures, taking the stress and strain out of your hands. We can simplify and streamline the information you need so that you can focus on your day job, without getting embroiled in the nitty gritty details and minute planning.

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4. They Save You Money

Event management companies have contacts – and lots of them. They know the best and most reliable suppliers you should be working with and the right people that can offer you the best value for money. By working with an exceptional event management company you can unlock savings and discount you wouldn’t be able to access if you went directly to that supplier. Don’t underestimate that the best event management company will partly pay for their own event management fee due to their little black book of contacts in the right places, their negotiation skills and the cost savings they can unlock.

5. They Adapt to Changes Without a Fuss

Events are ever changing. Plans develop and details change on a regular basis. As long as your event management company is kept informed they should take any changes in their stride and adapt accordingly.

We have heard lots of horror stories about event planners being inflexible or charging huge penalties, particularly for any late changes. In the real world of events though, nothing stands still. If your event management company can’t deal with it or sends you a big bill you need to find a better event management solution!

event catering preparing food and beverage

6. They Increase Efficiencies

As well as saving you money, event planners will create better systems, processes and ways to do things. They can look at a floor plan and identify the problem areas or potential bottlenecks and suggest ways to do things better or suggest cost-effective technology solutions to speed things up.

7. They Go Above and Beyond

A good event planner will never stop because “they have done enough” or “already done more than they have been paid for”. It is a matter of personal and professional pride that a great event manager will not stop until they have done absolutely everything in their power to prepare for a great event. Often the event manager will be the first person on site and the last person to leave. No detail will escape them, if you notice something they are probably already on it!

event manager event staff

8. They Always Work with a Smile

Event planners are generally a personable and friendly bunch. It is no fun at all working with a moody event planner, instead their enthusiasm and passion is infectious. Long event days and close working relationships demand a team that can laugh through the aches and pains and keep smiling. This is one of many reasons that our clients love us!

9. They Make Sure You Achieve Your Objectives

An exceptional event management company will work with you to determine your true event aims and objectives and then make sure that you stay on track (and on budget) to achieve them. “Putting on a nice event” is not an acceptable event aim, a quality event planner will delve deeper to really identify the outcomes you want to achieve from the event.

behind the scenes event management

10. They Expertly Manage the Live Event from the Shadows

A good event planner is not looking for glory and adoration, instead they are focused on discreetly managing the live event, largely unnoticed by the attendees. An event planner is looking for their client and the event partners to shine.

An event organiser with an ego is probably not the right event planner for your event so choose wisely!


There are lots of ways to identify the best event management company to work with, and these 10 criteria are a great place to start. Your event has one chance to make an impact and to be a success, and choosing the right event planning company is an important first step.

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments below.

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