Do you Need to Be an Ogre in Business?

After a few incidences and observations, I started pondering about kindness in the world of business.

An age-old belief has been that you have to be tough to make it in business, but do you really have to be an ogre to succeed?  Or is it actually “what goes around comes around?”

Should Business Leaders Be More Feminine?

Recently I heard Rachel Elnaugh speak at a business event in Preston, Lancashire.  Rachel was the Founder of Red Letter Days and a former Dragon on Dragon’s Den.  The title of her presentation was ‘The Future is Feminine’ and she suggested that everyone (male or female!) should actually get in touch more with their feminine side and repress their masculine aggressive traits.  She argued that if more people did this our businesses would be more successful and the world would be a better place to live.  Definitely food for thought!

The Simple Things

If we all embraced the ‘Pay It Forward’ mentality (an obligation to do three good deeds for others in response to a good deed that one receives) the world would certainly be a better place.

I really enjoyed this blog post: Smile and the World Smiles with You.  I agree that a smile is such a simple thing but can mean so much, particularly in the hospitality and events industry.  It is definitely the most important tool in non-verbal communication and is universally understood.  A smile really can work magic and service with a smile really does make a huge difference!

Who Are The Greatest Leaders? What Commands The Most Respect?

Thinking back over my career I have met a lot of forthright business leaders, and also some bullies.  Those that had a menacing and controlling nature, acting threateningly or simply over-reacting and flying off the handle were not the businessmen and women I respected the most.  Instead, those individuals that could manage challenging situations in a calm and fair manner are the leaders that I remember and look up to.


At Events Northern Ltd we don’t think that you need to be an ogre in business. We always try to go the extra mile for our clients, giving that little bit extra whenever we can.  Although some would argue it is bad business practice giving away more time/effort/services than you have quoted for I would suggest that this is one of the reasons why we have such a high level of repeat business and so many fantastic long term clients.  To us, it makes perfect business sense!

Do you think that you need to be an ogre to be in business? Let us know in the comments below.

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