Event Coordinator – The 5th Most Stressful Career Choice?

Stress is one of the most common conditions experienced and Event Coordinator is voted the 5th most stressful career choice you can choose. But what makes a career in event management so stressful? Is event organisation the right job for you? 

Stress can contribute to serious physical illnesses, and be a cause for obesity. People going to work whilst suffering stress contribute to the poor performance of businesses and services, and can be a contributor to poor care, errors, and disasters caused by lack of concentration.

It is a serious business, and 74% of UK adults admitted they have felt so stressed over the last year that they have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. The financial cost of stress to the UK has been estimated at £71 billion.

National Stress Awareness Day got us thinking about how well we cope with stress and whether a little bit of stress is actually a good thing in terms of encouraging peak performance at work?

Event Coordinator: The 5th Most Stressful Job in the UK

We read with interest this blog post: the 10 most stressful UK jobs of 2018.  The study to determine this looked at job requirements that contribute to stress including:

  • the amount of travel required
  • growth potential
  • deadlines
  • working in the public eye
  • competitiveness
  • physical demands
  • environment conditions
  • hazards encountered
  • risk to life
  • risk to other’s lives
  • and need to meet the public

Once again, Event Coordinator came in 5th on the list, behind the military, firefighter, airline pilot and police officer.

Why Is Event Management So Stressful?

The role of an Event Manager can be stressful at times, due to some key factors:

  • immovable and numerous deadlines (the event dates and milestones within each event project are inflexible)
  • one chance to get it right
  • working with the public (members of the public can be trying on occasions!)
  • demanding clients/boss/board
  • the need to perform and deal with anything that is thrown at you – fast thinking is needed, particularly in terms of guests safety
  • physical demands (on conference and event days I walk for miles, plus unloading, lifting, etc and there can be no time for breaks)
  • long hours, including early starts and late finishes
  • there can be a lot of travelling and time away from home required (we have run conferences as far afield as Germany)
  • environmental conditions can be harsh (outdoor events and the English weather – need I say more?!).

Overall based on the stress indicators they have suggested it seems that Event Management is certainly not a job for the faint-hearted.

Plus of course, however well you plan for every eventuality it is inevitable that the unexpected sometimes happens, leaving you to make immediate decisions about the best course of action to take, often in a very public arena and then to communicate that to the (possibly disgruntled) attendees.

Furthermore, running your own business can be stressful and isolating at times, whatever the industry.


Are you surprised by the list at all? Do you think a little bit of stress can be good for your work performance? After a hard day what do you do to switch off? We would welcome your thoughts below!


  • emilydwyer023
    Posted 7th November 2013 2:05 am 1Likes

    Great article! Was quite shocked that Events Management wasn’t in there. A few years ago in a UK paper it was considered a career choice that lead to the most stress. Maybe as time and society has progressed the idea of managing events has glamorous labels attached to it which makes it appear like a less stressful career. I have been freelance in the industry for several years and I love it, it’s incredibly stressful but it’s a good driving stress and also very rewarding.

    • Events Northern Ltd
      Posted 7th November 2013 4:20 pm 1Likes

      Hi Emily
      Wow, would love to read that article, interesting reading I bet! I agree it is a very rewarding career. And of course that is why people pay us, not only for our event management skills but also to ensure that we handle all the stress and take the weight from their shoulders!

  • Event Management company New Jersey
    Posted 14th November 2013 10:17 am 1Likes

    Yeah i agree that Event management job is some what stressful one. But nowadays Many software are available for Management process. This helps peoples by reducing work. Also mobile application too available

    • Events Northern Ltd
      Posted 14th November 2013 10:53 pm 1Likes

      I agree! What would we do without modern technology? I remember the days when events relied on paper and fax registrations, before online registrations! Seems unbelievable now!

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