Congratulations Hull City of Culture 2017

Hull 2017 City of Culture

Congratulations to Hull City of Culture 2017!

Driving to the airport this morning ahead of IBTM I heard the announcement that Hull had been selected as the UK City of Culture 2017. I couldn’t stop smiling at the news – I was truly delighted. Well done Hull! I was sure this would bring great things for the city.

I have witnessed first hand the great opportunities and event legacy that becoming the Capital of Culture has brought to Liverpool and Merseyside – let’s hope that similar magic can be brought to Hull and East Yorkshire.

Hull City of Culture Update

I devoured the Hull City of Culture updates and developments. As I hoped, being named the City of Culture brought great things to the city.

Hull has consistently been voted the worst place to live in Britain and when the announcement came that it would be the UK City of Culture in 2017, there was plenty of surprise, incredulity, and ridicule in response. The announcement kicked off four years of planning to execute a 12-month programme of events, with the aim to put Hull on the map for the right reasons.

I wrote this piece for EventMB and IMEX, which you may be interested in reading:

How Events Turned A City Around: The Legacy of Hull [Case Study]

It was great to investigate how events can transform a city. It discusses how the power of events elevated Hull, a working-class city in the UK, into a celebrated cultural hotspot and changed perceptions to make it a destination to be proud of.

If you are looking to learn how to let your imagination run wild, unite communities with a diverse programme and get inspired by amazing events, give it a read to discover how events can act as a catalyst.

Follow the link to access the Hull City of Culture summary report from the University of Hull.

Congratulations to Coventry – the next UK City of Culture in 2021.

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