Outbound Marketing is Dead

Inbound Marketing Overview. Photo Credit: Business 2 Community

Is outbound marketing dead? As the focus moves towards inbound marketing we explore what this actually means.

The LEAD course at Lancaster University Management School recently held a reunion for past students.  Becki was excited to return and hear from Nathan Smith of Smith and Smith PR.  Nathan gave a presentation entitled “Outbound Marketing is Dead: An Introduction to Inbound Marketing.”

Nathan explained how sales calls, direct mail, TV ads and unsolicited emails (outbound marketing) are no longer effective, consumers nowadays are much more sophisticated, selective and wary (or even fed up?) of these methods.  If they want information they will seek it out themselves and so it is up to us as businesses to make available the information people want and lure them in using inbound marketing.

We have often wondered how effective cold calling is for businesses as we find it such a turn off.  Likewise mail shots just seem so out of date nowadays (think of the planet!) and I have email overload already without more spam adding further to my inbox! What alternative options are available to help the right clients and customers to find us?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing includes:

  • SEO
  • blogs
  • social media
  • e-newsletters to a verified opt-in list
  • Ebooks
  • webinars
  • word of mouth/recommendations
  • PR/news/media
  • video
  • forum
  • podcasts
  • and other forms of content marketing.

The landscape has changed unrecognizably from outbound marketing to inbound marketing since I started out in the events industry and even since I set up Events Northern Ltd in 2004.  The great news though is that inbound marketing costs less and has better a ROI (return on investment)!

This infographic by Mashable provides a useful visual explanation:
Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Further useful reading can also be found here:
Hubspot: Inbound Marketing Methodology


Which inbound marketing techniques are more effective for your business? Do you still use outbound marketing? What is most worthwhile for your organisation?

We will look forward to your comments below.


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