Event Staffing

Getting event staffing right is vital for the successful delivery of your event.

We can provide capable and experienced event staff for your next event at competitive rates. We have a national pool of experienced and skilled freelance staff that can be contracted as necessary for short or long-term projects and can undertake a variety of roles to suit your needs. These experienced and performance orientated staff are rated highly within the event industry and come from a variety of backgrounds and event management roles. We work with these staff, so we can verify their skills, expertise, and customer service.

You may require registration and ‘meet and greet’ staff for the live event day. Or perhaps you need an experienced event manager to manage the successful delivery of the whole event. Or a stage manager to keep the main stage on track? Or a volunteer manager to brief and manage your volunteer team working at the event and ensure they have the guidance and support they need? We can provide capable event staff matching your precise requirements at competitive prices.

It is impossible to be everywhere at once across your event and a fast response is always essential. A successful event needs sufficient and capable event staff to ensure that the individual areas and elements are well managed, so that the overall event can run like clockwork.

On some of our largest event projects, we have over 50 casual, freelance, event staff working for us.

It is important to create a realistic event staffing plan, including covering realistic breaks and extra cover in case of unforeseen circumstances. Events Northern Ltd can help you to calculate your full event staffing needs, including the roles, position, and total number of staff required.

Most clients want a complete event management service, however, other clients just need event management support for specific tasks in advance of the event (an example might be health and safety documentation and risk assessments) and/or during the live event.