Workshops and Training

Events Northern Ltd are experts in organising workshops and training sessions. We can do all of the planning, administration and logistics planning so that you can focus entirely on engaging and delivering the content of your session.

Are you looking to organise a workshop, training session or meeting and focus group to help attendees come to a better understanding of a specific subject or problem?

Do you want to create an environment conducive to discussion, debate, problem solving and idea generation?

Are you looking to engage every attendee to fully participate and contribute to a shared vision and objectives?

Workshops are smaller and more interactive than conference plenary sessions. They offer the chance to delve more deeply into content and offer a more inviting setting for attendees to ask questions and contribute their opinions and experiences.

We can source facilitators and advise and implement traditional brainstorming and facilitation techniques or concepts such as Role Play, Forum Theatre, Open Space, multimedia brainstorming technology, and more.

Events Northern Ltd can also create a conference report recording the key findings and recommendations from the session or perhaps you would prefervisual minutes, an illustrated record of the key points from the workshop or training session.

Workshops are often part of a larger conference or event and enable attendees to choose the topics and session that most appeal to them. The level of understanding and expertise for the session can also be specified.

Workshops can be effective business development and marketing opportunities. For instance, Events Northern Ltd produced two paid, half-day workshop sessions in Manchester for a client. The sessions booked up and many of the individuals and organisations present then booked further training with our client. So much business came about as a direct result of these events that they are still really busy two years later!

Could workshops and training offer a similar development opportunity for you or your business?